Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    SportSt. George, Ethiopia Coffee face-off in sheger derby

    St. George, Ethiopia Coffee face-off in sheger derby


    In a second round of ties, the Ethiopian Premier League (EPL) will see a long-awaited fixture between St. George and Ethiopia Coffee in what has come to be known as the sheger derby on Monday at the Addis Ababa stadium.

    Dedebit will also host Mekele while Wolita Dicha plays against Fasil City, on Saturday.

    After a continuous rearrangement of fixtures, the EPL has now returned to a normal weekend program with week 21 fixtures set to take place across the country.

    The capital city derby between St. George and Ethiopia Coffee will be a great test for the duo since they share the same points on the league table.

    Ethiopia Coffee has collected 32 points after playing 20 matches while St. George has collected 30 points with two matches in hand.

    Meanwhile, on Saturday’s fixture, league leaders Dedebit will take-on Mekele City in Addis Ababa stadium. Both sides are on top of the league, making it a crucial match as the league draws to a close.  The blues, however, are in a slip n’ slide after they failed on the last week’s match against Fasil city. Fasil City won the match 1-0 in the week 20 fixture.  Dedebit are placed second on the league table with 33 points while Mekele City are sixth amassing 29 points and while have two games in hand.

    In another fixture, after disappointment in CAF Confederation Cup campaign losing-out to a Tanzanian based side Young African in an aggregate score of 2-1, Wolita Dicha will host Fasil City tomorrow in Sodo stadium. Now, Wolita expect to focus in the premier league.  Fasil city will not be easily beatable after the appointment of coach Mesay Teferi. Nevertheless, Wolita has been unbeatable in-home grounds as Mesay faces his former club for first time.

    Jimma tops the table with 35 points followed by Dedebit at 33. Ethiopia Coffee and Fasil City sit third and fourth with 32 points each, separated by goal difference.  Dire Dawa, Electric and Welwalo still battel the relegation zone.  

    Week 21 EPL fixtures

    Saturday 21/4/2018

    Dedebit vs Mekele City

    Sunday 22/4/2018

    Hawasa City vs Defense

    Adama City vs Dedebit

    Woliata Dicha vs Fasil City

    Woldia City vs Sidamma Coffee

    Jimma Aba Jifar vs Electric

    Welwalo Adigrat vs Arba Minch

    Monday 23/4/2018

    St. George vs Ethiopia Coffee

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