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SocietyMindset to debut first ever large-scale motivational convention

Mindset to debut first ever large-scale motivational convention

Mindset Consult PLC, a consultancy firm founded by a renowned consultant, psychiatrist and public speaker Mehret Debebe (MD), is set to launch a series of public convention with its debut Mindset All Grand Ideas Convention (MAGIC) gathering at the Millennium Hall. The convention, scheduled to take place on May 19, 2018 is said to be an entrance free event.

The convention, which is to be organized in collaboration with Ethel Events Organizers, is expected to bring about 7,000 to 8,000 people together. But in order to attend, interested participants have to register online by going to www.registrationmindsetconsult.com or send their names to 8845 in which they will get a confirmation message via text.

After registering online or through text messages, attendants are required to arrive at the gate between one and three o’clock in the afternoon. The event will last until six in the evening.

“There will be no entrance after three as the event will commence eventually,” Hiwot Alemayehu, Personal Development and Thought Change Lecture Program Director at Mindset, said.

Speaking at the press conference organized for the event, Mehret said that the theme of the convention is “I am the new Ethiopia.” It will then feature ideas including “New Nation – New Vision, New Nation – New Generation and New Nation – New Mindset.”

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The event at the Millennium hall is said to be the first of its kind in the country and the first free event for Mindset Consult – a company that has been organizing personal development and mindset change trainings for the past four months on a monthly payment basis.

According to Mehret, the topic for the convention was selected because of the current traction the issues of nation building have gained in the country.

Apart from speeches by four or five speakers, the event also incorporates music, literary piece presentations and networking.

 “One factor for the event to be free of charge is that Millennium Hall requested the event be free of charge if we are going to get the space for free. Hence, we decided to buy the idea,” Mehret said.

Mehret is also of the view that, although established to generate business, they are at their initial steps of setting-up their company. Hence, such events are considered as initial investments with long-term yield.

“Selling idea in this country is not like selling goods; selling goods is much easier than selling ideas,” he stressed.

The confirmed speakers at the event apart from Mehret include a renowned author of two books – Tower in the Sky and Mine to Win by Hiwot Teferra and historian Ibrahim Mulushewa. According to the organizers, there is also one unconfirmed speaker.

Although the idea of motivational and public convention in the western world is dying out, Mehret says that the prospect in Ethiopia is very interesting and the business is sustainable.

“There is a huge opportunity and we have no question of its sustainability,” Mehret said.

Selam Aklilu (PhD) – Personal Development and Social Change consultant at Mindset— said that the event intends to create the idea of I am the new Ethiopia, hence using the hashtag #IamtheNewEthiopia to promote it.

Mindset is a company established three years ago and works with special focus on mental health and treatment, personal development, mindset change and personal development.

Finishing the first phase of the paid personal development trainings, Mindset is planning on the second phase which will take place at the National Theatre.

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