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BusinessContractors amend bylaws after two decades

Contractors amend bylaws after two decades

Construction Contractors Association of Ethiopia (CCAE), which was established in 1991 to alleviate obstacles facing contractors and help them play their appropriate role in the development of the construction industry, amended its bylaws, which served the association for the past 24 years.

The association amended its bylaws during its annual general assembly meeting held at the Sheraton Addis on Thursday in the presence of members of the association and the Minster of Construction.

The general meeting – apart from the amendment of the bylaws –  deliberated on the performance report of the association in the past one year and the report by the external auditor.

President of the association Abera Bekele (Eng.) stated that amending the bylaws of the association is timely and the amendment is in line with the current development of the sector in the country.

The amendment was supported by all the members of the association, who were attending the meeting.

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Minister of Construction, Ambachew Mekonnen (PhD), welcomed the amendment and hopes that it will solve the major problems in the sector.

“This sector mainly faces two major problems. The first is mainly associated with the lack of capacity of the contractors, which is manifested in many ways. The second is associated with ethics of the contractors. The sector is highly prone to rent-seeking attitudes,” Ambachew said.

Regarding the rent-seeking attitude the minister said that the contractors are providing false documents and list of professionals to win a certain bid and that in turn affects the performance of the construction and quality of work.

The introduction of the amend is expected to help identify the failing contractors and work to build the capacity of the rest, the minister said.

The association initially had a few members and leaders. However, following the growth of the construction industry in the country, the number of members of the association increased as the activities of the association are expanded and enhanced.

The association also organizes capacity building workshops, conferences and discussion forum that are aimed at seeking solutions for problems that members face while they undertake their activities. It all enhances the awareness of its members through the dissemination of government proclamations, regulations and directions and other information related to the construction industry.

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