Sunday, December 4, 2022
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PoliticsArmy gets additional appointees

Army gets additional appointees

Days after a major reshuffle in the top leadership of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, new appointees have been assigned to head the Ethiopian Air Force and Military Operations division of the Defense Forces, late this week.

Accordingly, Yilma Meredassa (M.Gen) was assigned as Chief of the Ethiopian Air Force while Birhanu Jula (Gen.) was named as the new Head of Military Operations, Motuma Mekassa, Minister of Defense, confirmed to The Reporter.

Yilma has been serving as head of the western region air force base before his promotion; whereas Birhanu who was recently awarded a rank of a full general has been serving in different positions within the national defense apparatus. He was also the head of Ethiopia’s peace keeping force in Liberia. Before his new appointment, Birhanu was the head of the Army Logistics Department.

The logistics department will be led by a new appointee, Molla Hailemariam (Lt. Gen).

Last week, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) replaced Getachew Assefa, General Director of the National Intelligence & Security Service (NISS), with Adem Mohammed (Gen.), who was the chief of the Air Force before his recent reassignment; Seare Mekonne (Gen.), on the other hand, assumed the Chief of the general staff position replacing the long-serving Samoura Yinus (Gen.) who has retired from his post, recently.

It is to be recalled that Abiy has also restored the full ranks and honor of Assamnew Tisge (B. Gen.) and Alemshet Digfe (Maj. Gen), who were accused and convicted of conspiring to overthrow the constitutional order and have been serving the terms of their sentence until their pardon. This and similar restructuring in the military and security apparatus was said to be a part of PM’s attempt to consolidate his administration.

Following the recent appointments, new officials and new deputies were also assigned for NISS. In this regard, Security Head of Oromia Regional States, Demelash G. Michael has been assigned as deputy director of NISS, heading the interior intelligence department.

Moreover, Yared Zerihun, who was the former deputy director of NISS, heading the interior intelligence department, was recently appointed as the commissioner of Federal Police. However, Yared was reported to be replaced by Zeyinu Jemal before he settled into his new position.

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