Sunday, June 16, 2024
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The ball is in our field!

Dear Editor,

In the past week or so as I was watching the world cup games, something crossed my mind. Some teams, though they do not have one of the world class footballers, play beautiful game and to my surprise make a clean win. While others, even if they have one of the best, their game is distorted, at times annoying. This is despite the relentless effort of the star pushing hard till he is worn off.

Our success, our prosperity, just like these football games are not a one-man story. Having a world class star, though very very important, is far from adequate. Especially for us who need to score a lot to reach even an equalizer. History has shown us the outcome of each game is determined by the whole team effort, on how much we are ready to play our part effectively, either in defending our goal or passing the ball forward. Of course some of us are good in defense, while others are best in the mid field and yet another group is excellent in forward. And we have a world class striker!

It’s wonderful that our team spirit is at its height and we are so proud of our star but we need to run faster behind the ball before the final whistle is blown. This requires more than applauds or best wishes. This necessitates due diligence in our roles. Let us be honest; how many of us go to work every morning targeting our maximum productivity? How many of us treat our clients like our sisters or brothers or even an acquaintance, assisting them in good faith? And yes the big elephant in the room, how many of us have stopped being corrupt, I mean big or small? Have we shown any change in our productivity, in our respect and love for our team members? Or are we just gazing at our star ignoring each other?

Time has come for us to strengthen our team, to support one another and make all the right passes to score a goal or more. We have to try to be the best in our role whether we are a goal keeper, defense, winger or even a substitute because we all matter. We all matter not only to win the game but also to make it beautiful to watch!

Mesale Abenet

[email protected]

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