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BusinessFirst crude oil delivery reaches Chinese glass factory

First crude oil delivery reaches Chinese glass factory

Following the recent discovery of crude oil in Ethiopia, the Chinese Hanson International Glass PLC has taken the first delivery of 45,000 liters of the extract on Friday June 6, 2018, The Reporter has learnt.

Running successful tests, the Chinese Poly GCL which has been trying to develop, the natural gas reserves in the Calub, Hilala and Genale gas fields is now able to deliver crude oil to be used as furnace oil in the glass factory located around Jomo area in the outskirts of Addis Ababa. The glass manufacturer is one of the plants that are lining up to receive the light crude oil which industry players assimilate with Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). Cement plants, chemical industries and the like use light crude oil for their production.

Poly GCL has hired Quadrant Investment Group for the logistics and transportation services of the extracted crude oil according to Dawit Shibru, co-owner of Quadrant. According to Dawit, Quadrant has long been working with the exploring company and currently has been hired to exclusively provide delivery services across the country. On Friday, Quadrant has delivered the first batch of the extracted crude oil to Hanson Glass factory where the delivery was ceremonial and accompanied by government officials at the Hanson Glass plant.

Hanson Glass factory, which rests on an area of 114, 607sq.m was established by the Chinese CGC Group and the China-Africa Development Fund at a cost of USD 35 million and commenced operation in 2009.

It is to be recalled that Poly GCL started test production of the crude oil last week from Calub area where the company has been developing natural gas reserves in the Calub, Hilala and Genale gas fields. It has also been prospecting for additional gas and oil reserves in its license area measuring 93,000sqkm of land in the arid region of the Ogaden basin since 2014.

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Poly GCL was able to strike oil in the wells it drilled at Hilala following which petroleum experts of Poly GCL started a test production in the presence of officials of the federal and regional government.

It was also in the reports that Poly GCL has prepared and summited a gas development plan that will enable it to develop the existing gas reserves in Calub, Hilala, Genale and Dohar gas fields for which the company will construct a gas pipeline all the way to Djibouti where it will build a gas treatment plant. The gas treatment plant will convert the gas into LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and Poly GCL plans to export it to China with especial LNG vessels. The total gas development project is estimated to cost four billion dollars.

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