Friday, August 19, 2022
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    BusinessBASF Launches Kid’s Lab in Ethiopia

    BASF Launches Kid’s Lab in Ethiopia


    BASF, Germany’s world leading chemical company, has launched a kids’ Lab as part of its global Sustainable Development Program in the capital, inviting those from the private and public schools at Addis Ababa’s German School, this week.

    As part of an effort to help empower and interest young people into the science sector, the company announced similar initiatives to be launched across the nation, targeting those between the ages of 8 and 11.

     “Kids Lab not only strives to improve science literacy, but it also aims to captivate the inquisitive nature of the younger generation,” Francis Kirema, BASF Trade Representative General Manager of Ethiopia told The Reporter. “We provide a fun environment for independent experimenting designed to enable the children to learn nutrition facts hands-on and encourages them to make a positive difference to their eating habits.”

    The BASF’s Kids Lab is popular in many countries. However, this is the first time it has ever been operational in Ethiopia. It was established in 1997, targeting close to 1 million children in the last two decades and supports their drive to enter the science field at the earliest stage of their formation.

    Over the years, BASF intertwined a new initiative, ‘Clever Foodies’, to help them investigate Vitamin C in fruits and vegetables using modern methods and afford them a chance to learn and analyze substances contained in food.  

    BASF is the largest producer of chemicals with a workforce of 115,000 people. It has its regional office in Nairobi, with an expanding business interest within Ethiopia.

    “With the company’s Social Engagement Strategy, BASF wants to open up learning opportunities and to encourage children’s sense of discovery and teach them good science methods and skills,” Francis added.

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