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PoliticsBlue demands “star” be removed from flag

Blue demands “star” be removed from flag

Blue Party (Blue) in its press briefing held at its headquarters on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 officially requested the star emblem in the middle of the national flag to be scrapped and extended its question to use the older version of the flag without any additional emblem.

The party disclosed that the flag with the colors of horizontally arranged green, yellow and red is the longstanding symbol of the country’s history and it is the source of the national pride and identity. Hence, the party extended its request for the concerned government body to scrap the star emblem which is incorporated to the national flag following the regime change in 1991.

The party also stated that the emblems in the flag during the past successive regimes including the imperial and the military era were a point of contentions within the community. Therefore, so as to avoid any kind of contentions and confrontations, the emblem in the flag should be scrapped.

Furthermore, the party also stated that the current emblem of the star is incorporated to the flag without proper deliberation with the public. Due to this, the emblem is still a point contention between and among the public and officials and as witnessed in the recent rallies, many waved the flag without any emblem to show support for the new PM in different parts of the country. 

Hence, the party disclosed that it stands with the demands of the public and ready to provide any legal and technical support for the demand of the public to restore the former flag without any emblem.

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Moreover, the party also stated that since the public is expressed its demands regarding the national flag by waving a flag without any emblem, the concerned body of the government should try to address the question swiftly and the party is ready to take responsibility in this regard.

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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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