Wednesday, December 6, 2023
BusinessAwash winery launches “kamila New Rose”

Awash winery launches “kamila New Rose”

Awash Winery has launched a new brand of wine in time for the holidays in the capital at selected restaurants.

The new product – Kamila New Rose – joins an array of products from one of the biggest makers of wine in Ethiopia including: Axumite, Gouder, Gebeta, Kamila and its signature Awash wine. The Rose brand, believed to be the oldest type of wine conceiving its unique color from the skin of grapes is expected to compete with those already made by Castel Winery, owners of BGI.

Founded in 1943, by Greek and Italian expats, Awash was nationalized and subdued its growth during the Derg regime and was re-established as a private enterprise in 2013. It was purchased by an Irish rocker, Sir. Bob Geldoff’s 8 Miles and Mulugeta Tesfakiros, a local businessman.

According to Robin Hepburn of Waughton, the public relations firm that handles media for 8 Miles, 81 % of Awash is owned by 8 Miles while remaining stake is held Mulugeta.

The company has been in a drive to refurbish its brands to avoid losing its dominance of the market to import wine from abroad and those made locally, especially from Castel Wines. Earlier this year, Robin also downplayed speculations of sell of the company to a South African winery saying: “8 Miles never comments on market speculation”.

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Earlier this summer, it re-launched its three year old GEBETA brands of white and red wines at Sheraton Addis, as a strategic effort to lure the middle class and the diplomatic communities of the capital to its posh brand. According to the company, the new re-launched products has a “fresh new look and a significantly improved taste, matching international standards while delivering the unique characteristics of the Ethiopian terroir”.

The Reporter communicated with Awash’s marketing officer Bethlehem Melaku for comment despite promising to communicate back, she did not reply as of press time.

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