Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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    PoliticsAbdi Illey et al appear before court

    Abdi Illey et al appear before court


    The former President of the Ethiopian Somali Regional State, Abdi Mohammed Omar (Abdi Illey) and other four high level regional officers have been brought before court today August 29, 2018. The suspects who were detained on August 27 were suspected of misusing the budget allocated for regional development to organizing youth for the purpose of instigate violence and divide the society through religious and ethnic lines which resulted in the death of many people and the burning down of a number of churches in the region.

    Other suspects that appeared before court today along with Abdi are the regional Women and Children Affairs Bureau head Rahma Mohammed, Regional Diaspora Bureau head Abdurazak Amin and regional Infrastructure Bureau head Sultan Mohammed.

    Although the suspects asked for their bail rights mentioning that they are sick being diagnosed for hypertension, gastric alcer and poor provision of health facilities and meals at the detention centers they are being held at.

    But, the police objected their request mentioning that the criminal activities they have been charged with are more inclined to Article 3 of the Anti-Terrorism Proclamation 652/2009 which does not allow the release of suspects on bail. The police have also sent a team of investigators to the regional capital Jigjiga to assess further mishaps in the region.

    Hence, the police requested for additional 14 days to complete its investigation on the suspects and the court allowed the requested time. Finally, the court adjourned the case for tomorrow afternoon.

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