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Teddy in contractual dispute with promoter

Popular artist Tedros Kassahun (Teddy Afro) stands accused of neglecting a contract with a local production company for the right to stage his upcoming New Year’s concert. While in North America as part of his North American tour, he signed with an American based, A Plus Production, for his much anticipated concert in Addis Ababa, angering Joys Event & Promotion PLC, the exclusive sellers of his last album and planned concerts within Ethiopia.

According to the company, Joys not only had the rights to the albums, but for three agreed concerts within Ethiopia with one already rendered in Bahir Dar, earlier this year.

According to Fikru Kebede, the owner and managing director of Joys, the company has had a slew of concerts cancelled for various reasons, which it has hopped to recoup some of its losses on the album sells. However, Fikru said that despite the reported sell of 500,000 units, the artist was only able to sell just over 100,000 copies of his widely accepted album.

He also claims, with regard to Teddy’s last concert held in Bahir Dar, for which he was paid a negotiated price of 1.2 million Birr, while thousands of people attended a large portion of the concert goers entered for free due to a lax security at the gate. Fikru insists that the security was arranged by Teddy’s manager, Getachew Manguday.

Even then, Teddy demanded to be paid 5 million birr for that same concert, said Fikru. With much negotiation, he was paid an additional 800,000, and given 1.5 million in a post-dated cheque, with a clear agreement to perform two additional concerts, one being in the capital. The famous artist has been criticized recently for the lukewarm performance at the Millennium Hall in July in front of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Isaias Afeworki.

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According to the signed document, provided by Joys to The Reporter, “the organizers and the artist agree that the later will perform at a New Year’s Eve concert (in Addis Ababa) followed by, a week later, in Bahir Dar / Awassa”.

Getachew, told The Reporter, the artist was forced to negotiate his fee after “he performed in Bahir Dar in front of a full stadium of 65,000 and the company claimed it was only 17,000. We learnt that the evidence says otherwise; and understood that they failed to meet our standards”.

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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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