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Ethiopia to set up diaspora agency

The government is set to establish a diaspora agency to enhance the all-round participations of Ethiopians in the diaspora.

Meles Alem, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA), said the decision to set up the agency is a proof for the special attention attached for the Diaspora community by the government of Ethiopia.

The agency would help coordinate the ever increasing needs of the Diaspora community to engage in development activities of their country of birth, he added.

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The new agency will also have its branch offices in all Ethiopian embassies, as well as at all levels of government administrations.

According to the Spokesperson, Ethiopian Diaspora remittance currently reached USD five billion. It was only USD 130 million 15 years ago.

Ethiopia is estimated to have between 3-5 million people in the diaspora of which most are in North America and Europe. The USD 400 million remittance the country used to get annually from its diaspora before 2009 has been increasing over the past years. (FBC)

Ex-rebel group Ginbot 7 returns from Eritrea base

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Members of famed Ethiopian opposition group, Patriotic Ginbot 7, have officially begun returning home to the country from their base in neighboring Eritrea.

Several members of the group crossed into Ethiopia on Saturday via the town of Humera located in the northern Tigray Regional State while other soldiers entered on Wednesday.

Humera is located in the northern Tigray region that shares a long border with Eritrea. While entering Ethiopia, the ‘ex-fighters’ were in trucks waving Ethiopian and Eritrean flags.

The group until July 2019 was considered a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian government. Parliament voted to lift that label on the group and others like the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).

Earlier in June, the group had announced a unilateral ceasefire – suspended all armed operations – with the view to engage in peaceful struggle.

The return marks an end to PG7’s armed struggle against Addis Ababa in the wake of political reforms launched by PM Abiy Ahmed.

GGGI to establish regional office in Ethiopia

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) has signed an accord with the Ethiopian government on Tuesday to open its regional office in Addis Ababa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

 Speaking at the signing ceremony, State Minister of Foreign affairs, Afework Kassu lauded the Global Green Growth Institute’s decision to open its regional office in the capital Addis Ababa.

Stating that Ethiopia’s significant efforts dedicated at building climate resilient green economy, the decision by GGGI to commission a regional office would display Ethiopia’s leading role in environment friendly development trajectory in Africa.

Moreover, the agreement inked to establish the original office aims at facilitating key systemic transformations in the economy and generate innovative ideas towards the full implementation of a climate resilient green economy strategy.

Dexippos Agourides, GGGI’s General Manager for Africa and Middle East said Ethiopia has done well in the process of building green economy, adding that this was the reason why Ethiopia was chosen by the Institute. (ENA)

‘Afincho- Ber’ to ‘Orma-Garage’ Riverside Project to commence

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The Afincho-ber to Orma Garage Riverside Project, which will be built with a capital of little more than 600 million birr, is to be started in the coming project year.

According to the Addis Ababa River and Riverside Development and Climate Change Adaption Project Office, the pilot project is in long list of other projects planned to be executed and make the city ever more clean and green.

Talking to The Ethiopian Herald, Project Office Deputy CEO Debela Birru said that the Riverside project will not only provide socio-economic benefits to the public, but it is expected to elevate the aesthetics of the city by providing premier amenities for open space, recreation and culture. It will have walkways, and permeable ponds and green areas, and as necessary, it will also have business centers that would in no way pollute the River, he added.

The Project Office has already selected winner form international bidders, and is in the process awarding the project. (The Ethiopian Herald)

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