Friday, August 19, 2022
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    BusinessCity deploy new tech to aid tourists

    City deploy new tech to aid tourists


    The Culture and Tourism Bureau of the Addis Ababa City Administration has announced that it is deploying a modern digital equipment which locates tourism spots to enable tourists easily locate major tourism spots across the city.

    According to the Addis Ababa City Administration Communication Bureau Head, Nebiyu Baye (Asst. Prf.), the devices are going to be installed in selected streets of the city.

    Nebiyu told The Reporter that the modern and efficient technological device to be installed in major streets of Addis Ababa are intended to give the exact locations of tourism spots both for foreign and local tourists.

    He also noted that such steps would boost the city’s revenue from this sector by introducing new facilities to the existing tourism and cultural resources. “What we need to do first is try to maximize the promotional activities and modernize the service,” said Nebiyu.

    However, the Bureau did not indicate specific details about the equipment it plans to install nor where it is manufactured.

    In addition to implementing the digital devices, the Bureau head also noted that stakeholders of the tourism and hospitality sector needs to increase their participation to better assist the city utilize its tourism resources.

    He further indicated that the city has joined the global community in commemorating the 38th edition of World Tourism Day running under the theme “Tourism and the Digital Transformation.” Addis Ababa is marking The World Tourism Day for the 31st year with various public events to be organized in the city.

    Apparently, the commemoration of the day has already begun as of Wednesday, 19th September and would last until Tuesday, 28th September, according to the Bureau.

    The Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCTr), on its part, announced on Thursday that this year’s World Tourism Day will be celebrated next week in Gambela town of the Gembela Regional State.

    The World Tourism Day celebration was initiated by the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 1980 to address global challenges outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals, and highlighting contributions the tourism industry can make in reaching these goals.

    Hungarian capital Budapest will host World Tourism Day this year.

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