Thursday, August 18, 2022
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    BusinessBGI abandons plan to introduce Beaufort light beer

    BGI abandons plan to introduce Beaufort light beer


    BGI (Les Brasseries et Glaceries d’indochine), a top beer producer within Ethiopia, has quietly abandoned plans to introduce one of the top beer brands in Cameroon, Beaufort light beer to the country, The Reporter has learnt.

    The company, which has faced an increased competition from the likes of Heineken and others, has decided to concentrate on the promotion of its newly acquired beer, Zebidar. BGI acquired the little known beer brand from Unibar, a Belgian based company and its local partner, Jemar Hulugeb Industry S.C. earlier this year through its parent company, Castel Group.

    It has since revamped the packaging of the beer, making it more similar to its other brands, including its top seller St. George beer and cancelled Zebidar’s signature pull of caps (RipCap).

    Zebidar, introduced to the market in January of 2017, was promoted more for its unique RipCap, rather than its content to an ever increasing local drinking population.

    BGI has been advertising the Beaufort brand – brewed since 1952 in Cameroon – with slick images around the capital, in skyscraper buildings in Bole and Stadium area. It has since stopped its advertisements and replaced it with images of its other brands, including Castel beer.

    The Beaufort beer, which is the top selling beer in West Africa and delivered in almost two dozen nations with a rich-green Heineken like bottle – is owned 75 percent by BGI and Heineken at just over 8 percent. The rest is owned by the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya.

    The Reporter reached out to Isaias Hadera, the marketing head of BGI but he said, “I have no idea” and abruptly ended the conversation.

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