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Authority bans illegal drug circulating institutions

The Ethiopian Drug Administrative and Control Authority on Wednesday announced that it has returned expired and illegally imported drug estimated to be some 100 million birr in just ended fiscal year.

The authority revealed that more than 350 drug institutes were either banned, closed, alerted or have returned their official certification. The authority has taken measures on institutions that imported insecure drugs without getting official license from the authority.

The Authority’s senior public relations and communication expert Abera Deneke, told The Ethiopian Herald that the office has inspected drugs, worth nearly eight billion birr.

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He also noted that the office was working aggressively towards having quality medical equipment and drugs throughout the country. Last fiscal year alone, the Authority has imported medical equipment amount to three billion birr, he added.

Medical Facility Inspection Directorate Director Gezahegn Endale on his part said that the inspection that has been applied by the Authority helps to manage and control illegal drug circulation. (The Ethiopian Herald)

US Embassy welcomes over 35 American scholars to Ethiopia

The United States Ambassador Michael Raynor welcomed a group of over 35 American scholars to Ethiopia – the largest such group at any one time.

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The group consisted of 13 Fulbright Scholars, 20 Ambassador’s Distinguished Scholars, and three English Language Fellows.

The Ambassador said that by investing in expanding academic exchange programs between the United States and Ethiopia, “We’re investing in our educational institutions, providing an opportunity to share best practices and to work together to improve the quality of research and education.”

Together, the programs aim to bring American scholars to conduct research, support academic quality, teach, and collaborate with their Ethiopian colleagues.

Both programs have expanded thanks to significant funding contributions from Ethiopian universities, representing the possibilities that come from joint cooperation.

The scholars represent a range of subject areas. The ADSP program is a pilot project that began with the University of Gondar and Bahir Dar University, but is slated to expand to additional locations in the next academic year based on the success of the pilot. (Press Release)

FETO pretends to collect aid money in Ethiopia

Former staff of schools owned by the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) revealed how they deceived the people of Turkey once more by collecting fake aid money and using tax exemptions in Ethiopia.

The schools working for the terrorist group behind the 2016 coup attempt in Turkey created a diversion by making up Ethiopian names and collecting fake signatures to make it seem that the aid was distributes to those in need, according to former staff who spoke on condition of anonymity due to security reasons.

Last week, a complaint was filed against the administration and teachers of the FETO school, as well as members of the terror group, over charges including “stealing aid money, embezzlement, and tax evasion”.

A large stack of documents and evidence were submitted to the prosecutor.

The former staff and students told Anadolu Agency the details of how the organization embezzled the money collected from the Turkish and Ethiopian people as to help the needy. (Anadolu)

EEP appoints new project manager for GERD dam project

Engineer Kifle Horo has been appointed as the new project manager for the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), according to a statement issued by the Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP).

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Kifle, who will be deputized by Engineer Ephrem Woldekidan and Fekadu Kebede replaces Engineer Simegnew Bekele who was found dead in his car in the capital Addis Ababa, in July.

Simegnew was the prominent face of the GERD project, which upon completion was set to be the biggest hydro-electric facility in Africa.

Following months of investigations, police last month said Simegnew committed suicide, explaining that his car engine was running and the car was on automatic lock when the police arrived at the scene at  Meskel Square.

GERD, over 60 percent complete, will churn out 6,000 MW upon completion.

It is among an array of projects being built. Under a new 2015-2020 development plan, government wants to raise power generation to 17,346 MW from a current capacity of just over 4,300 MW from hydropower, wind and geothermal sources. (The Ethiopian Herald)

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