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PoliticsBlue expressed strong support to ongoing reform

Blue expressed strong support to ongoing reform

In an unusual turn of event, Semayawi Party a.k.a Blue expressed its support and allegiance to the ongoing reform executed by the ruling party–the Ethiopian Peoples’ Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF)–and the work it is doing in maintaining peace, order and stability in the country, adding that party ideologies should not halt all parties to cooperate.

The party revealed its support to the ongoing reforms by the ruling party, on Friday October 12, 2018, in a press conference held at its office located at the underground floor of Papasynos building just next to the Ministry of Defense. 

The party also exposed its readiness and willingness to work with other parties like never before to restore peace and stability in different parts of the country by using its organizational structure starting from the lowest-level of kebele to the highest structures.

Apart from this, the party blamed groups which it dubbed those raising the questions of ownership of some areas and stated that, “at this monumental time and a time of love, peace reconciliation and unity; it is not a right move to raise such questions at this time since it may interrupt the process the country awaited for so long”.

Furthermore, they stated that it has already observed some genuine leaders of reform and ideas surfacing in the nation’s political arena especially during the recent Congress of EPRDF, member parties of the Front. The party also appreciated the speech delivered by the president of the republic last week and said that it is an indication of reform fervor. Hence, Blue vowed to support ongoing reforms and to contribute its share accordingly.

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Even though the party acknowledges and pledges its support to the ongoing reform executed by the ruling party, Blue has also expressed its concerns regarding the death of citizens, internal displacement, destruction of properties and clashes erupting in different parts of the country after the start of the reform; which according to the party is the result of the friction to replace the old ideas with the new ones.

Therefore, the party condemned individuals or organized groups who instigate the displacement of individuals causing havoc in the country, calls for the government to fulfill its responsibility of protecting and safeguard the peace and stability of the country; and to take the necessary legal measures in order to restore the peace and stability.

Moreover, the party urged the government to organize an all inclusive dialogue forums urgently which includes both parties that have returned home recently, and those parties who were in the business for the past 27 years within the country. The party calls for religious leaders, elders, the media, and youth to contribute their share to the ongoing reform and show their support.  

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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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