Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    BusinessEthiopian, Awash, and De La Phone team up to create payment options...

    Ethiopian, Awash, and De La Phone team up to create payment options for flight tickets


    Ethiopian Airlines, Awash Bank and De la Phone Technologies (FloCash) are teaming up to offer a more convenient way of collecting payment for flight tickets. With a network presence in more than 100 countries, FloCash will offer a payment system which will interface with the oldest private bank in Ethiopia: Awash Bank.

    The new agreement will allow clients to use the bank’s 372 branches around the country and also take advantage of its mobile banking system.

    “Awash is an ever expanding bank that is evolving with an extensive network across the country,” Ebisa Deribie, Director, Marketing & Communication with the Bank told The Reporter. “That is why we are continuing to grow, partner with like-minded companies to meet the needs of our customers. This partnership is an example of that relationship”.

    This is a major deal for FloCash, which was established in 2010 in the United Kingdom to help transfer of funds for the fast growing African Diasporas. It works with financial intermediaries and tries to assist the untapped market of the continent by way of modern technologies. It works in 120 countries, linking the growing African populations to international payment systems.

    Under the deal, Awash is to offer a 24-hour everyday service and integrate its call center to the new service to Ethiopian Airlines customers.

     “This is expected to make our payment options more viable and accessible to our valued customers,” Leake Tadesse, the Chief Information Officer of Ethiopian Airlines said. “With an added value payment options, this will help it to be more convenient and easier for our customers to get in touch with us”.

    Awash is the oldest private bank in the country at 2.9 Billion Birr capital.

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