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BusinessERA awards 13.8 bln birr road project

ERA awards 13.8 bln birr road project

The Ethiopian Roads Authority (ERA) has awarded asphalt upgrading and new road construction projects to three local and three Chinese companies worth 13.8 billion birr.

Out of the eight projects, half went to two Chinese firms each winning two projects worth 7.2 billion birr.

China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC), grabbed two projects with a total value of 4.08 billion birr. In this regard, CCCC gave 40.24 million birr per one kilometer to construct a 53.5 kilometer of asphalt road which links Arsi-Robe to Agarfa-Ali, in Oromia Regional State.

Moreover, CCCC won a second project to construct a 53.08 kilometer road with a total offer of 1.92 billion birr. The road which is located in Amhara Regional State will link Estie and Simada.

The Company is expected to complete the two aforementioned projects in three years.

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In the same token, another Chinese company, China State Construction Engineering Corporation won two projects worth 3.05 billion birr.

The Company will construct phase I and phase II of Mesel/Mosili to Kara Qori asphalt road projects. The two projects which have a total length of 168.4 kilometers are expected to be completed within 42 months.

The fifth project went to China Railway 21st Bureau Group Co. Ltd which was awarded to construct 79.07 kilometers of asphalt project which extends from Jimma-Agaro to Dedessa River. China Railway gave a total offer of 1.306 billion birr to upgrade the road to asphalt within 42 months.

On the other hand, the remaining three projects went to local firms.

From this, Defense Construction Enterprise inked a deal to construct 118.87 kilometer of asphalt road with a total offer of 1.906 billion birr.

The project which will take 36 months extends from Tarmber to Mollale-Wogere, in North Shewa of the Amhara Regional State.

In the same token, the last two projects which are located in Tigray and Amhara Regional States are awarded to Sur Construction Plc and Yencomad Construction Plc.

From this, a 76.6 kilometer asphalt road project between Adi Arkay and Telemet went to Yencomad Construction Plc; whereas Sur took a 63 kilometer asphalt road project between Wekero/Atsbi to Koneb in Tigray with a total construction price of 1.74 billion birr.

The Contract signing ceremony for the aforementioned eight projects took place on October 24, 2018 between the representatives of the companies and ERA’s General Director, Habtamu Tegegne.

The whole cost of all the projects will be fully financed by the government.

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