Saturday, December 2, 2023
SocietyNational campaign to capitalize on newly found rise of women in leadership

National campaign to capitalize on newly found rise of women in leadership

Jegnit, a national campaign directed at increasing female leadership and creating a movement of female networks, launched this Tuesday at the Hilton Hotel.

The event was attended by nine of the 10 female cabinet members selected by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed as well as various prominent public figures and artists.

Under the motto of ‘she dreams, she plans, she succeeds’, Jegnit advocates female empowerment to ensure the rights of women and children are respected and creating generations of responsible and successful female leaders.

The campaign will organize a nationwide peace conference on November 5, gathering female leaders from all regions of the country. Yalem Tsegaye, Minister of Women and Children, said the conference will illustrate that the participation of women is necessary to create sustainable peace and decrease the vulnerability of women and children.

The minister also expressed that a network of organizations working with women and children will be created to increase cooperation.

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Mufariat Kamil, the newly appointed Minster of Peace expressed that there are many women with great potential that have yet to be given opportunities. She added that Jegnit will begin work at the lowest Woreda levels to ensure female leaders will go up the governance ladder and increase community outreach.

While women account for roughly half of the population, according to the Demographic Health Survey of Ethiopia, 48 percent of women have no access to education. Women are also victims of gender-based violence, early marriage and have fewer opportunities to participate in decision-making processes. Gender mainstreaming in all political, economic and social spheres is a strong block on the government’s plan for sustainable development.

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