Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    PoliticsBlue revises program to prepare for upcoming election

    Blue revises program to prepare for upcoming election


    Leaders of Semayawi Party, a.k.a. Blue Party, one of the prominent opposition political parties in Ethiopia, announced this week that it is revising its program, bylaw, and manifesto in a way to adjust itself with the ongoing political situation in the country and become an alternative political force in the upcoming national election.

    To do so, the party is planning to conduct its general assembly in the coming few months, said party Chairman Yeshiwas Assefa, in an event held at Ethiopia Hotel on Wednesday, October 31, 2018.

    Blue briefed the diplomatic community residing in Addis Ababa over various political, economic and social issues taking place in the country, including the current political setting and reform, its planned general assembly which is expected to be held soon, the party’s view on how the ongoing reform should be channeled through an all-encompassing manner and the future plans of the party.

    The briefing which was delivered by the president, vice president and head of the external relations of the party was attended by the members of diplomatic community representing some 28 countries including representatives from the embassies of the British, US, Germany, France, Italy, Nederland, Belgium, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic and the European Union.

    In its effort to become an alternative political force, the party said, different dialogue forums with prominent individuals and political groups such as former chairman of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ) Andualem Aragie, Muslim Community representatives and Patriotic G7 and other political organizations are being held.

    According the party, the current change and reform in the political sphere of the country is the result of the tireless efforts made by the youth throughout the country, in the past three years. Hence, the party welcomed the ongoing changes and reforms within the EPRDF particularly, and the wave of changes throughout the country in general which the party hopes will play a pivotal role in promoting the process of democratization in the country. 

    Moreover, the party also applauds the sacrifices and efforts made by leaders and members of different opposition political parties, activists, journalists, the diplomatic community and reformists within the EPRDF for their efforts to bring change in the country.

    During the briefing, the party also expressed its appreciation of the government for its action to widen the political space by calling on different political parties residing outside the country which were conducting their struggle through different mechanisms including armed struggle and the discarding of some political organizations from the list of terrorist organizations.

    The rapprochement with Eritrea, partial privatization of state-owned enterprises, providing lasting solutions for the two decade-long rift between the leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and to the exploitation women bringing them to the forefront are also other issues the party applauds.

    The party finally demanded the reestablishment of the democratic institutions such as Human Rights Commission, Electoral Board, Auditor General, Ombudsman, and Anticorruption Commission based on international standards and the reestablishment of such organizations should incorporate all political actors and concerned individuals.

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