Thursday, August 18, 2022
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    BusinessEthiopian to start cargo service to Mexico City

    Ethiopian to start cargo service to Mexico City


    The Mexican Embassy in Ethiopia has announced that Ethiopian Airlines will soon launch a belated cargo service to Mexico City via its Los Angeles hub.  According to the Embassy, the plan was to start the operation on July 21st but was delayed but is finally expected to be launched within weeks.

    “This will be a milestone for both countries and will help strengthen our historic bond,” Ambassador Victor M. Trevino told The Reporter. “We both have much in common; interest and this will only move us forward.”

    Ethiopia has a historic diplomatic relationship with the North American nation that stretches to half a century. Both countries opened their embassies in 1963 and the later temporary ceased operation in the early 1990s and opened it once again in 2007.

    The business relationship between the nations currently stands at five million dollars and the new cargo service is expected to assist the exchange of goods from both countries. The main interest of the Mexican market in Ethiopia is in areas of sesame seeds while Ethiopia focuses on importing industrial equipment to make leather products.

    Ethiopia is Mexico’s 141st trade partner.

    The Embassy recently brought in a guest chef from Mexico and showcased the culture and cuisine of the nation and hosted its national day at Sheraton Addis. “This is to be an introduction of our culture to our friends and colleagues in Ethiopia,” the ambassador said. “We want the relationship to benefit both of us.”

    Ethiopia currently has no Embassy in Mexico City. It is represented by the Washington DC embassy. Ethiopian cargo remains the largest network operator in the continent and has repeatedly been recognized with a slew of awards. It is expanding its services throughout the world and the Mexico City destination is seen as a strategic move to take advantage of the untapped market.

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