Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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    PoliticsIDPs continue to climb in Ethiopia

    IDPs continue to climb in Ethiopia


    A new report released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) indicated that the number of people internally displaced has continued to grow over the past two months. The recent report shows that the figure has increased from two million to 2.33 million people displaced.

    The report was compiled after the assessment of major internally displaced regions across the country, except Beinshangul Gumuz and SouthernRegional States.

    Furthermore, the report indicates that conflict was the primary reason in most of the internally displacements almost in all the regions. In this regard, conflict derived internal displacements has increased from 1.47 million to 1.77 million people over the past couple of months.

    To the contrary, climate induced displacements shown a slight improvement declining from 531,001 to 498,417 people.

    Thistrendisconsistentovertime,withconflictconstantlybeingtheprimarycauseofdisplacementacrossthe country,” reads the report.

    Looking at the regional trend, Oromia is atop the list of internally displaced where close to 1.14 million people are sheltered in 515 displacement sites. From this, 986,458 people are displaced as the result of conflicts across the country; the figure shows a 35 percent increase from the previous assessments.

    Moreover, from those sheltered in the aforementioned sites in Oromia, 59 percent are younger than 18 years of agewhile, 5 percent of them are over 60 years old, respectively.

    Going into the details, Somali RegionalState came in second in the list where it has sheltered 1 million displaced people in 389 displacement sites. However, the figure in Somali witnessed a slight decline of 0.35 percent from the previous assessment.

    The report has also disclosed thatTigray region experienced a 60 percent increase in the influx of displaced population from other parts of the country over the past two months. In this regard, 72,113 displaced persons are currently sheltered in 149 displacement sites in Tigray region.

    In this case, “conflict was the primary cause of displacement for an estimated 98 percent of the displaced population”.

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