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CBE launches international mobile money transfer service

The Commercial Bank of Ethiopia (CBE) on Tuesday partnered with WorldRemit to launch its first ever international mobile money transfer service to Ethiopia.

The new service would enable Ethiopian diaspora living in over 50 countries to make mobile money transfers to over 1.2 million birr CBE wallets as well as any mobile phone number in the country.

Customers can also transfer money quickly and securely to over 20 million CBE bank accounts and 1,300 new cash pickup locations.

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CBE President, Bacha Gina said, “We are proud to be a pioneering bank in modernizing Ethiopia’s payment systems. The various e-payment facilities deployed have enabled us to become the number one provider of technology-based banking services.”

Head of East and Central Africa at WorldRemit, Sharon Kinyanjui, commented, “We are delighted to partner with CBE, the leading bank in Ethiopia, to launch our first mobile money service to the country and expand our network of bank accounts and cash pickup locations.

CBE is the oldest and largest bank in Ethiopia. (FBC)

Air Force dismisses air attack on OLF faction

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Ethiopian Air Force Commander Yilma Merdasa (Brig. Gen.) dismissed the allegation spread on the social media that air support was provided to attack the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) faction Shene in West Wellega, Oromia Regional State.

The Air Force Commander told ENA on Wednesday that the government has shown patience in handling the security problem in West Wellega.

Though the government has started taking measures to ensure peace and security in the communities, Brigadier General Yilma noted that the information disseminated by the social media claiming that air support has been given by the air force is fake news.

The situation in the locality does not as such require the use of fighter planes, he explained, adding that it does not go beyond skirmishes and engagements on the ground.

Brigadier General Yilma stressed that the aim of this false information is fomented deliberately to smear the reputation of the army and the institution.

Moreover, the information about the downing of a fighter plane is baseless, the commander underscored. (ENA)

18 killed after bus overturned in western Ethiopia

Eighteen people died after a bus overturned in East Wollega Zone, Oromia Regional State, on Wednesday, leaving scores of others with serious injuries, police said.

Turumsa Solomon, East Wollega Zone Traffic Police Division Chief, expressed concern that the death toll could further rise, state-run news agency ENA reported on Thursday.

Some 33 passengers, who were on board the damaged vehicle, are now receiving treatment in nearby health stations, Solomon said.

Ten of the passengers are reported to have sustained serious injuries and they have been sent to Nekemte Hospital.

A technical problem was said to be the major cause behind the deadly accident, which was also exacerbated by the thorny geographical landscape of the accident area, according to police.

The deadly accident came on the backdrop of another car accident on Sunday that left 17 people dead in the same region near to Nekemte town. Reports also indicate that fatal car accidents are posing a growing concern in the region. (ENA)

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Ethiopia views cooperation with Denmark as strategic, President Sahlework says

President Sahlework Zewde received and held discussion with Danish Ambassador to Ethiopia, Karin Poulsen at the National Palace.

The discussion focused on both bilateral and multilateral issues where Ethiopia and Denmark have been working together to promote mutual interest.

President Sahlework emphasized the vital role of the Danish development cooperation to Ethiopia’s development journey to alleviate poverty.

“Ethiopia views the cooperation with Denmark as strategic and based on a shared interest in peace and stability, poverty reduction, food security and climate change.”

Danish development cooperation with Ethiopia started in 2004 and gathered speed since then.

Denmark launched its first five year [2018-2022] country strategy with Ethiopia in December to help promote democracy, fight poverty and create sustainable growth in Ethiopia.

Ambassador Karin Poulsen, on her part, underscored the attention given by the two governments immensely played a role to lay a solid foundation for the relations of Ethiopia and Denmark.

She also appreciated the transformation process being undertaken in Ethiopia in all fronts, according to the Office of the President. (FBC)

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