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Ethiopia releases 440 individuals suspected of involvement in ethnic violence

Ethiopia said on Wednesday it has released 440 individuals arrested over suspected involvement in ethnic violence in the western part of the country.

Recent ethnic violence has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the border areas of Benishangul Gumuz and Oromia regional states.

In a press statement, Ethiopia’s Benishangul Gumuz regional state communication bureau said the individuals were released as part of a goodwill gesture to foster peace and reconciliation.

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The statement further said the individuals were given trainings on the Ethiopian constitution and importance of keeping peace in their home areas before their release.

The border areas of Benishangul Gumuz and Oromia regional states have in recent months witnessed deadly unrest involving various ethnic groups residing in the border areas. The dispute is reportedly over access to land and state resources.

The unrest has led to the death of scores of people and displacement of around 255,000 others, according to a recent report from the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs. (Xinhua)

ENDF to introduce new military uniforms

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Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) will make changes in the military fatigues and camouflage patterns of the uniforms of the armed forces, Major General Abdurrahman Ishmael, CEO of the Defenses Forces Foundation disclosed.

Major General Abdurrahman said that the change in military fatigues will help to effectively control those who use military uniforms to commit crimes.

The General told ENA earlier this week that military uniforms to be used by the armed forces will be prepared with standard quality, color and design.

The Foundation, according to Major General Abdurrahman is authorized to produce and purchase military outfits and fatigues to be used by the armed forces pursuant to Council of Ministers Regulation 179/2010.

The Foundation has conducted benchmarking activities in different countries to carefully select quality and well-designed military uniforms that could fit into the needs of the armed forces of the country.

The General requested the public to cooperate with the armed forces in their attempt to take offenders who use military uniforms to the courts of law. (ENA)

Sekota Declaration shows low performance

Seqota Declaration aimed at ending the stunting in children under two years by 2030 has shown low performance.

An event organized to elevate two-year implementation of the Seqota Declaration (SD) was held on Wednesday in Addis Ababa in the presence of Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen.

The Seqota Declaration is the Ethiopian Government commitment unveiled in July 2015 to end stunting in children under two years by 2030.

With the objectives of building and supporting the national nutrition program, its 15-years road map was designed to provide strategic guidance to be executed in three phases namely innovation, expansion and scale up phases.

During this phase, proven high impact evidence based and innovative interventions will be tested to generate learning that will be expanded and scaled up throughout the country.

According to Amir Aman (PhD, Minister of Health, the baseline findings of the selected 33 Woredas for Sekota Declaration showed low performance.

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He underscored the need for an immediate collaboration and commitment to attain the set target. (FBC)

Volkswagen to launch its first car plant in Ethiopia

German carmaker, Volkswagen (VW) plans to open a car assembly plant in Ethiopia as it expands its presence in Africa.

Following the signing of the MOU by Investment Commissioner, Abeba Abebayehu and CEO of VW, Thomas Shafer said, “Ethiopia is an attractive and competitive location for production and supporting logistics.”

Thomas Shaffer also said, “the signing of the MoU showcases the seriousness with which Volkswagen takes its commitment to Africa with the planned local assembly we are confident to be able to expand our market position.”

Investment Commissioner Abeba Abebayehu said that,” we welcome the decision of Volkswagen to resume manufacturing and assembly of cars in #Ethiopia, a step that reflects the improvement of the investment environment and the performance of business in Ethiopia”.

PM Abiy Ahmed (PhD) received the President of Germany, Frank Walter Steinmer and his delegation on Monday, who are currently visiting Ethiopia. During the occasion, the Premier immensely appreciated the long-term and consistent technical, vocational support to Ethiopia. (MoFA)

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