Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    BusinessGuinea, Ethiopia agree on bilateral security, air transport et al

    Guinea, Ethiopia agree on bilateral security, air transport et al


    Arriving early to attend the 32rd ordinary summit of the African Union (AU), Guinean President Alfa Konde met with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and inked seven bilateral pacts that involves establishing a Joint Ministerial Commission and Foreign Affairs Partnerships and have agreed to launch air transport links.

    On Thursday, the two heads of state observed while designated officials signed the accords at the Office of the Prime Minister located off Lorenzo Taezaz Street. The agreements signed by the foreign ministers of the two sides included the formation of foreign affairs strategic partnerships, establishing a joint ministerial commission, launching of air transport connectivity and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on agriculture. Three more agreements on health, science and a higher education and MoU on tourism and culture have also been inked.

    According to Nigussu Tilahun, head of the press secretariat with the Office of the Prime Miister, said that the agreements entail further collaboration on security, infrastructural development, and the reduction of maternal and child mortality rates as well. He also noted that from the science and education viewpoints; the two countries will work on experience sharing and mutual exchanges of skills on primary educational systems in addition to the higher education platforms.

    The air transport agreement will involve code sharing and providing trainings. Hence, Ethiopian will be establishing a working relationship with Air Conakry to launch a shared air transport operations. Nigussu said that the agreements have been made. And soon, the actual works will follow perhaps in the coming two years.

    Both Guiney and Ethiopia have had diplomatic relations since 1962. During a chat with the primer, President Konde told Abiy that he had spent a significant period of time as a young man in Ethiopia.

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