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SocietyAnnual bag show to showcase local designers, aid charity

Annual bag show to showcase local designers, aid charity

The third annual Bag show is set to start next Friday. It is set to showcase 11 local designers’ latest collections and support a local charity, “Our Father’s Kitchen,” headed by a noted local entrepreneur and art curator, Yasser Bagersh.  This year’s event is set to welcome the likes of the latest designs of FlaminiaPaerno, Anna Getaneh, AynalemAyele and MeronSeid, among others.

“We need a positive twist in this world,” he told the press announcing the latest edition of the program at Sheraton Addis – the main sponsor of the annual event. “All profits from the event will support Our Father’s Kitchen and each designer will donate a single one-of-a-kind bag that will be auctioned during the event.”

Calling it “the most awaited Event in Ethiopia,” Yasser said the money raised will support over 300 children under the care of his charity and be provided basic necessities such as food and shelter; affording them a chance to go to school.

The colorful Yasser, owner of Lime Tree restaurants and Cactus Communications comes from a prominent family involved in business and charity within Ethiopia. Terara Coffee, managed by his brother, Abdullah Bagersh is the major sponsor of the two day event, along with Heineken and others.

He is known to have used his restaurants to raise funds for his charity to benefit children facing dire poverty and often victims of the HIV epidemic in the country.

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“I started the charity a decade ago, having come across children with difficulties and sponsored about 10 children with little life expectancy. From them, none were expected to survive, when we came across them and provided them food and shelter. But out of the 10, only three died. It goes to show you, how much of an impact we can all make,” he said.

The charity currently benefits about 300 children.

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