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BusinessAramex, Logix join forces in logistics venture

Aramex, Logix join forces in logistics venture

Aramex, a noted company headquartered in Dubai and involved in global logistics and transportation of goods worldwide, has announced its entrance in the booming Ethiopian market. According to the 35-year-old company, this is to be a franchise agreement with Logix Express PLC of Ethiopia to help the movements of goods to and within the country.

The plan is to operate five outlets in Addis Ababa and there is to be a concentrated effort to expand throughout the country to 17 outlets by the end of 2017. It is to increase its operations in Dire Dawa, a busy hub for importers to the country, Hawassa, home to the industrial park and will formally expand in Bahir Dar, Gondar, Jimma, Dessie and Mekelle.

The company sees its new operation as a strategic investment as Ethiopia is on the verge of becoming an industrialized nation within a decade and still one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.

“As one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Ethiopia is an exciting market for Aramex and we believe there is a vast potential to expand our specialized logistics service through the country,” Hussein Hachem, CEO of Aramex, explained in a press conference at Sheraton Addis on Thursday, July 6. “With the continued growing demand for logistics and transportation services in Ethiopia, we have already started planning for additional investment in technology infrastructure upgrades and developing our local human talent to meet the needs of our customers through the region and globally.”

Dawit Woubshiet of Logix Express PLC and a partner on the new expansion in the country explained, there will be an initial investment of USD 350,000 to the new operation and that will increase as the company finds its footing within Ethiopia. “Ethiopia is a key market for us and we have witnessed an increase in the logistical needs throughout the region,” he said. “The new facilities will complement our existing suite of services in the country, enabling us to expand our service offering to effectively meet the domestic market needs.”

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According to the company, it will operate on the premises of providing door-to-door service, pick up and drop offs, customs clearing, freight forwarding and e-services. It currently operates in many countries in the world, including in 22 other African countries. It is known for its corporate responsibility gestures via its “Friends of Students” program which offers free delivery of school packages to schools in Uganda and Jordan.

“These charitable gestures are in our DNA,” Hachem told The Reporter.

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