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PoliticsFederal Police warns “suspects in hiding”

Federal Police warns “suspects in hiding”

The Federal Police Commission underscored today that suspects for whom arrest warrants have already been issued will not be on the run forever; and that their momentary disappearance does not imply that they will be free. This was said during a press conference held by the Commissioner General of the Federal Police Commission, Endeshaw Tassew, on Thursday, February 21, 2019, at the Headquarters of the Commission.

Endeshaw nevertheless admitted that there were some challenges that law enforcement bodies are facing while executing arrest warrants. The Commission is still opting for peaceful resolution of the issues than resorting to fire exchange.

“Some issues are not resolved solely by the customary police practices. There are people that are hiding in different places. There were challenges to execute these warrants. We are not easily inclined to resort to firing at these times. The issue is rather left to the administrative bodies to find a calm and peaceful resolution. But, this does not mean that these suspects will be left free. Let alone a suspect in our country, we are able to bring any suspect from any part of the world,” Endeshaw said.

Hence, currently, there are activities being conducted in cooperation with regional governments in order to bring some of these suspects before court.

Despite appreciating efforts by different regional governments in handing over suspects; there are some that hid; however, some of regions are saying that these suspects are not under their possession, the commissioner lamented. As this, he said, will hinder the ongoing reform as well as cast a shadow on the Commission’s crime prevention efforts; and vowed that it will be resolved by whatever means possible.

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