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PoliticsAbiy to host USD 180,000 per plate lavish dinner

Abiy to host USD 180,000 per plate lavish dinner

“Dine for Sheger,” a flyer that was revealed earlier this week via the official facebook page of the Office of the Prime Minister of Ethiopia notes that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) is to host a five-million-birr (USD 180,000) per plate fundraiser dinner ceremony at the National Palace, where Addis’s company CEOs, international organization heads and members of the diplomatic community and wealthy businessmen and women have been invited to attend.

Although fundraiser gala dinners are fairly customary in the western world, politicians in the US are known to use it to raise funds to finance their political and election campaigns; former US president Barack Obama is said have raised more than USD 700 million in his day and is remembered for hosting most expensive dinner ceremonies costing up to USD 30,000 to 40,000 per plate.

PM’s impending dinner gala in this respect seems to be carrying an unprecedented price tag even by gala standards at USD 180, 000 per plate and yet said to be receiving an overwhelming response, thus far.            

The pledge calls: “all business owners, company CEOs, heads of international organizations and members of the diplomatic community,” to partake in the luxury dinner.

At its early stage, the fundraising dinner that seeks to beautify and develop Addis Ababa in order to become a livable modern metropolitan city demands an investment cost of 29 billion birr. The call seems to have attracted some bigwigs, so far.

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It is hard to tell how many people would join the gala dinner; however, anticipations are that more than 1,000 heavyweights are expected to attend. Earliest indications are that through communication channels such as official emails and social media accounts, more than 100 people have pledged to attend ceremony to be hosted by the office of the PM.

By some estimates, the gala dinner will raise some five billion birr which is double the amount required for the pilot project that requires 2.5 billion birr. Scheduled to be finalized within three years, the Addis Ababa rivers development project will stretch at a 56 kilometer range, adjoining the peak of the Entoto to the Akaki River, where the waste water treatment plant is located. Moreover, the ideal project centers around optimistic outcomes of job creation, tourism, greenery ecosystems so that Addis Ababa upholds its name as translated “the new flower.”

Though not the first ever to be initiated; the beautification and reverberation of the city in the most immense way is credited to the Prime Minister’s name. It is to be recalled that a few days ago, the premier has sold his wristwatch auctioned at a value of five million birr in an effort to raise funds for a new development endeavor for the town of Ambo, some 120 kilometers from Addis Ababa. 

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