Friday, August 19, 2022
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    ArtFeast for art lovers:

    Feast for art lovers:


    Multiple artists to grace local art scene coming week

    Addis Fine Art is hosting its annual Addis Calling group exhibition. This third installment of the series brought three artists that seem to represent the diversity of contemporary art making by Ethiopian artists. TizitaBerhanu,who has been drawing in audiences for several years with her emotionally chargedoil paintings, joins YohannesTesfayeand FrewKebede in Addis Calling III.

    Yohannes’s mixed media pieces excavate the past to create tactile and visually stimulating works. He uses glass beads and silicon to create mesmerizing pieces that remind one of tradition and ritual indigenous to Africa.

    Frew’s bold approachcreates a visual landscape to the aural experience of jazz music. His paintings seem light and fun at first glance but promisean alternative perspective to prevalent human experiences.

    Lela Gallery group show ‘Musings on Change’ brings a male dominated collection of artists including TamratGezahengne, BehailuBezabih, Eyob Kitaba, HenokMelkamzer, ZerihunYetimgeta, TewodrosHagos and Tesfaye Bekele. The show uses different mediums and materials to explore the changing face of Addis Ababa. The diversity in age and practice of the artists brings a mature and eclectic view of the city’s ongoing transformation.

    ‘Motion and Emotion’ a collective exhibition curated by MiftaZeleke has been on view at Alliance Ethio-Française this February. The show features works by Surafel Amare, SelomeMuleta Alexander Tadesse and TiemarTegene. The exhibition is a layered experience, throwing the viewer from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other. Surafel’s experimentation with the city’s dominant visual aspects isplaced next to Selome’s strikingly vibrant self-portrait which in turn occupies the same space as Tiemar’s melancholic black and white pieces. Motion and Emotion will remain on view at Alliance for the following week until Sarah Hocqet’s photo exhibition ‘Women of the World’ opens on Friday March 8.

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