Sunday, August 14, 2022
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    SportJimma Aba Jiffarcalls for lifting of suspension

    Jimma Aba Jiffarcalls for lifting of suspension


    The Ethiopian Football Federation (EFF) announced the suspension ofJimma Aba JifarFootball Club from participating in any games following the Club’s disagreement with a player over the payment of his salary. EFF’s disciplinary committeesaid that it has received reports of the Club’smanagement Board refusing to pay one player’s salary and thereby violating his right.

    According to the EFF’s statement,Abdulfeta Kemal, the playerwhose salary is in question, has a valid contractual agreement with the Club since 2016/17 season. However, the Club, in violation of the contract,refused to pay Abdulfeta’s salary violating its rights as a player and a contracting party to the agreement signed between the Club and the player. EFF’s disciplinary committeehas reviewed the petition ofthe player and has finally decided to suspend the Club from taking part in any competition in the league.

    However, on Tuesday,Jimma Aba JiffarFC has called for the suspension to be lifted.

    According to HajayebaAbamecha, President of Jimma Aba Jifar FC,theClubhas already agreed to pay the remaining payment to his former player. “We have decided to pay the remaining fee, which is the full-salary of the player for the past sixmonths. But, we will pay him on a monthly basis,” Hajayeba told The Reporter.

    Nonetheless, the Club’s president elaborated that the Club is read to pay him 30,000 birr on a monthly basis before tax for the coming six months.

    “It is unfair that the federation placeda suspension on the Club. Because, the football governing body knows who is correct and who is not,” Hajayeba added.

    The 2017/18 defending champions,Jimma Aba Jiffar,are under pressure dropping out of both African Champion’s League and CAF Confederation competition, so far. It is speculated that the management is not able to pay regular players’ salaries in recent months.

    Jimmahas only managed to collect 21 points from a possible 45 playing 15 matches, so far.They sitninth on the League’stable. The suspension will be expected to be liftedin the coming days.

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