Wednesday, January 18, 2023
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BusinessYirga Haile joins Competitive beer industry

Yirga Haile joins Competitive beer industry

To invests 1.5 blnbirr capital

Yirga Haile and families, a prominent and widely known name in the business community has now ventured into the beer industry with an investment of 1.5 billion birr in partnership with United Africa Beverages, a Mauritius based beer maker.

Ephraim Yirga Haile, one of the sons of the late Yirga Haile told The Reporter that the new bottler–United Beverages Share Company–employs a German technology and will be able to bottle 1.6 million hectoliters per year. In addition to that, the factory will have an annual capacity of manufacturing 800,000 units of packing materials.

The Beverage factory–located in the town of Modjo– rests on 25 hectares of plot of land. And Ephraim said that they seek to accommodate future expansions including malt and other beverages. The new beer will be unveiled in about a month and it will remain undisclosed as a surprise gesture,he added.

The beer maker intends to commence marketing in Addis Ababa and its environs and later consider the possibilities of exporting.

Gradually,entering into large scale business ventures and investments, Belachew Yirga Haile, older brother of Ephraim, was the primary advocate of venturing outwith the family business and entering into the beer industry.While he was working on numerous business projects, he died due to a motor accident three years back.

Into the footsteps of his brother, Ephraim succeeded in realizing what his big brother had started and says he feels great to accomplish what Belachew had dreamt ofand worked on.

Apart from the beer factory, the family has managed to setup shop for the Ethio-cement factory, recently. It is also to be recalled that, Kangaroo Foam is currently run as a group of industries with the family business managing to expand in to different sectors. Universal Foods, Enyi Ethiopia Rose, Enyi Construction, 3F Furniture, Kangaroo Foam, Palm Ethiopia are some of the companies managed under the industrial group umbrella.

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