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PoliticsPublic to nominate human rights Chief

Public to nominate human rights Chief

In a bid to find the right person to assume the role of a Chief Commissioner at the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC),the House of People’s Representatives (HPR) is set to floata list of candidates for the public for nomination as the next leader of a Commission, which has endured a lot of criticisms in the previous administration.

In a press conference held at his office, House Speaker, TagesseChaffo said that inthis20-day nomination program, the public should carefully consider the criteria in selecting a nominee for the commissioner position.

According to the House Speaker, the HPR will accept public’s nomination from March 11 to 29, 2019.

In addition to the nomination from the public, Tagesse indicated that the candidates will be picked based on the criteria and details that are designated under article 12 of the Proclamation 210/2000.

Accordingly, candidates should be an Ethiopian citizen with a minimum requirement of a first degree in law or related fields and should be above the age of 35.

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Tagesse has further indicated that the candidate is obliged to accept the country’s constitution and needs to have a clean criminal record.

According to the House Speaker, a committee of 14 members has been established to draw a list of candidates to be presented for nominated by the public.

The Committee will be chaired by the speaker of the HPR, comprising of members from the House of Federation (HoF) and HPR, religious leaders, and the Federal Supreme Court.

Urging citizens to nominate candidates during the stated 20-days period as per the criteria, Tagesse has also revealed the channels through which the publicwill be able to nominate their picks.

Hence, the public can participate by calling Tel: 0111241036; Fax number: 0111241060; Email: [email protected] P. O. Box 80001, Addis Ababa.

The would-be candidate is expected to be appointed few months before the end of the current parliamentary year. Upon the appointment, the candidate will fill the vacancy left by the former Commissioner Addis Gebregziabher’s resignation. Addisu has been appointed to a diplomatic post by Prime Minister Abiy (PhD), last year.

The HPR will elect the new Chief Commissioner, which will serve for a 5-year term.

As stipulated in the proclamation, the Chief Commissioner, the Deputy Chief Commissioner and other Commissioners are appointed by the House with some selection procedures stated under the provisions.

The Chief Commissioner will be accountable to the House while the Deputy Chief Commissioner and other Chief Commissioners will be accountable to the Chief Commissioner.

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