Saturday, August 20, 2022
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    PoliticsAEUP elects Mamushet Amare as chairman

    AEUP elects Mamushet Amare as chairman


    The All Ethiopian Union Party (AEUP), which was conducting its general assembly in the presence of 459 members last weekend, elected Mamushet Amare as the new chairman of the party while Abraham Getu was elected as the deputy chairman, The Reporter has learnt.

    The party announced the change of the leadership at a press conference held on Thursday April 11, 2019 at its headquarters located around Tewodros Square in the presence of the newly elected president and other members of the party.

    It is to be recalled that recently, the executive committee of the party has unanimously decided to reunite the elected president, Mamushet and other members of the party who were in an internal rift with the former president, Abebaw Mehari.

    Following the agreement to reunite the leadership, the two sides agreed to work together and intensify the struggle to address the questions and demands of the public.

    The new leadership, which was approached by The Reporter, was asked about the priority of tasks and its plan regarding their future political move and strategy. “Since we were busy in the sendoff of our general assembly members who came from different parts of the country to attend the general assembly; I cannot disclose the priority tasks and future political moves. However, I will disclose it shortly,” the elected chairman Mamushet replied.

    In addition, the party has also disclosed that the new leadership is committed to cooperate and work together with other like-minded opposition political parties to address the demands of the questions of the party.

    Regarding the fate of the outgoing chairman, Bezabeh Demisse (PhD), Mamushet said that, “Some 206 members of the general assembly voted against the outgoing chairman in the list of the executive committee, however, by considering his experience in the politics of the country, it was decided to include him in the executive committee of the party.” 

    The outgoing president Bezabih Demessie (PhD), was in the position since 2016, and has earned his masters and PhD degrees from Russia, in History and Economics, serving his country in different ministries including the then Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, Foreign Trade Ministry and Ministry of Finance for more than 20 years. He was also one of the founders of the Ethiopian Democratic Movement Group.

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