Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    SocietyHealthcare exhibition to attract a number of internal players

    Healthcare exhibition to attract a number of internal players


    Ethiopia’s biggest healthcare, medical, pharma and wellness technology trade show is to be held in Addis Ababa. Running for the 5th year and organized by Prana Events in collaboration with the Food Medicine and HealthCare Administration and Control Authority of Ethiopia, it is a three day event starting on May 17th.

    The gathering is to attract international players’ intent on getting into the local healthcare market, helping in areas of trade facilitation, market linkages and introduce new technologies to be a mechanism for capacity building.

    “The event is completely committed to the progression of the healthcare industry presenting a unique opportunity for all related to the field, to reach new horizons,” Prana Events said in a statement adding “It is to help build effective cooperation and discuss vital issues that stand currently in front of the healthcare value chain.”

    The event is set to attract more than 3,000 medical professionals and 16 professional societies are set to be engaged in the event.

    According to Prana, “Pharmaceutical procurement is projected to reach and be worth USD 800 million in the current budget year.

    As part of its strategic growth, Ethiopia has continued to seek foreign investors in its sacred health care system and have the population avoid medical tourism that is popular and has taken much needed forex from the local market.

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