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PoliticsEthnic clashes hit parts of Ethiopia

Ethnic clashes hit parts of Ethiopia

Football team from Tigray attacked

Several civilians are believed to have been killed in three regional states, namely, Amhara, Afar and Beinshangul regional states, following attacks by militants and armed groups in these regions, The Reporter has learnt.

Officials statedthat many civilians believed to be from various ethnic groups living in these regions are believed to have lost their lives especially in Amhara and Beinshangul regions witnessing the worst atrocities in recent months.

The incident began a week ago, following a minor clash between an unnamed driver and a user of public transport in Metekel Zone, Beinshangul region,at a place called DangurWereda, according to local officials. Later, the disagreement between the two changed into a more serious fight leading to Federal Police being deployed to the area.

“When the federal police were trying to intervene, there were some who tried to take their gun from the members of the police by force, leading the police to take action,” AberaBayeta, head of Beinshangul security bureau told The Reporter.

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The minor clash then spread into more areas in the region and resulting in the loss of life of more than dozen civilians from both sides.

Later on, the conflict also spread into the neighboring Amhara region, Awi Zone, JawiWoreda where more than dozens were also killed, according to statements from both the Amhara and Beinshangul regional states.

During his interview with Amhara Mass Media Agency (AMMA), Deputy Prime Minister DemekeMekonnen indicated that the killings in Jawi were made in “retaliation”.

Later in a statement issued by Beinshangul regional state,it was indicated that several people who are from Gumuz and Sinasha communities living in three Kebeles (localities) in JawiWereda were attacked where many died and more internally displaced.

The region, following the tragic incident, called for an investigation by the federal government and asked for the perpetrators to be held accountable. 

In related news, members of a soccer team,Walta Police, were also attacked on their way from DebreBerhan to Tigray. The team was said to have been attacked by armed groups in Afar, at a place called Gewane.

From the team, one player was killed and four were injured. The players who were heading to their home regional state were ambushed in Gewane by unknown gunmen, report said.

The area where the players were attacked is also a contested area of Afar region which is predominately inhabited by Issa Somalis. It can be recalled that just a few months ago,there were clashes in small kebelles namely Endefo, Adayetu and Gedamaytu. The clashes,at the time erupted following a demand from the Issa community to be included with Somali region. Those Kebelles were given to Afar region back in 2014.

Just days after the latest clash in the area bordering Somali and Afar regions, in its meeting held on May 3, 2019, the Somali regional states cabinet has decided the aforementioned agreement made back in 2014 which transferred Endefo, Adayetu and Gedamaytu to Afar Region was illegal and said that it is from now on nullified.

Mohammed Olad, communication head of Somali Region confirmed the latest decision by the cabinet to The Reporter.

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