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BusinessHabesha to launch draught beer

Habesha to launch draught beer

On the hills of a successful launch of the non-alcoholic product line, ‘Negus’, HabeshaBrewaries S.C. – now one of the most recognizable beverage producer in the nation – is set to launch the draught version of its signature beer ‘Habesha beer’later this year, The Reporter has learnt.

Now distributed nationally from its Debrebirhan based facility, the company is also expanding its corporate responsibility mantra and was most recently visited by Queen Maxima of the Netherlands and the current United Nations Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Inclusive Finance for Development, during her Ethiopian tour and highlighted its engagement with local farmers of the Arsi highlands as barley producers for Habesha. The Queen highlighted its corporate responsibility mantra in the area, its irrigation water project that has helped locals harvest crops, such as grains and vegetables.

The new draught beer is set to compete with those from Heinkene’s Walia and BGI’s, St. George brands.

The company is also known to finance access of seeds and fertilizers, to local farmers and supporting them to be less dependent on rain-fed agriculture which is the norm in the area.

“Fifty percent of the financial needs by these farmers will be provided by Habesha and the farmers pay this back with a portion of their harvest which the brewery guarantees to purchase the rest,” the company said in a statement. “This model helps boost yields and farmers’ incomes. Queen Maxima who is a supporter to the Dutch businesses in the Netherlands and abroad, showed great interest in the lives of the farmers and the local sourcing and community development initiatives led by Habesha Breweries.”

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According to the CEO of Habesha, ZewduNigate, Ethiopia has the potential to be a self-sufficient producer of malt, among others, for the growing beer companies, now operating in the country.

 “Between 2015 and 2018, averages of 10,000 farmers were supported with Habesha’s technical and financial scheme which is expected to grow to 40,000 farmers by 2025,” he said.

Habesha was started in 2015 by a local and international shareholders and has been growing ever since and has targeted 2024, as a year where its needs of barely would be sustained and exclusively locally sourced.

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