Tuesday, August 16, 2022
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    SocietyIndian expat found dead

    Indian expat found dead


    An Indian expat, Sukhdev Gupta was found dead in Bishoftu, Oromia Regional State, last week on June 8, 2019, The Reporter has learnt.

    Gupta, 43 was an accountant at Kanoria Africa Textile PLC and his body was found near his house. Sources from the area claim that he was murdered by robbers which took his phone after attacking him. His body has been sent to his family in Punjab, India.

    Police are still investigating the case, company source told The Reporter.

    Gupta is not the first expat to be attacked in Ethiopia in recent times. In this regard, back in March 2019, five miners in Nejo, West Wellega were ambushed and killed by armed men. The attack claimed the lives of two foreigners from Japan and India. Given the circumstance of the attack, it was challenging for authorities to identify the bodies of the deceased. The miners were working at a Gold Mining Company called Sunrays Mining PlC.

    Moreover, back in May 2018, the country director of Dangote Cement and his assistant were killed by gunmen.

    Yet, some the attacks have also targeted properties owned by foreign investments. Just a couple of weeks ago, Kefi Mineral’s Plc, a UK gold exploration and development company involved in gold mining development project located in West Wellega Zone, Tullu Kepi woreda has been attacked by armed group.

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