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PoliticsParliament passes resolution to ensure gov’t accountability

Parliament passes resolution to ensure gov’t accountability

The House of People’s Representatives (HPR) has passed a resolution which requires the accountability of Public Offices and Managements in relation to audit findings.

The resolution has come two weeks after the Federal Auditor General reported the 2017/18 audit findings which were carried out among 174 budget recipient offices, under the executive branch of the government.

The draft bill is believed to be one of the strongest resolutions the Executive has issued in recent times conveying strong messages to government offices under the executive branch, to be legally accountable over budget utilization as per the directions and recommendations issued to them by the Office of the Attorney General.

During the session, the Public Expenditure Administration and Supervision Standing Committee of the House presented a draft resolution before the House, demanding a strong legal and administrative action to be taken by the government in relation to the Auditor General’s Financial and Performance audit findings which include budget abuse, financial misuse, inappropriate expenditure, unsubstantiated expenses, and poor performances.

Presenting the draft resolution, Chairman of the Standing Committee, Mohammed Yesuf told the House that illegal procurement, failure to collect public revenues, undocumented expenses, repeating negligence to take corrective mechanisms, and misuse of public money are among the major problems that the  audit findings reveals from year to year.

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He further indicated it is because of the government’s recurrent negligence to take actions, made public offices reluctant to take corrections repeatedly.

Hence, according to the chairman, the latest resolution has been brought to the House in a bid to insure accountability

After the house reached a consensus on the importance of the resolution, it was endorsed by a majority vote with two abstaining.

In the same session, nominated by the Prime Minister, the House has endorsed the seven-members for the new management board of the Ethiopian News Agency.

Lists of the appointees include, Tazer Gebregziabher, elected as Chairperson of the management board, while the remaining board members are Hiwote Hailu, Abinet Zerfu, Tamrat Haile, Mekuriya Mekasha (Asst. Prof.), Mesud Adem and Bekele Muleta.

Led by President of Supreme Court, Meaza Ashenafi, the appointees were sworn in before the House.


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Video from Enat Bank Youtube Channel.


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