Wednesday, February 8, 2023
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PoliticsFrench minister to visit Addis

French minister to visit Addis

Following a similar visit by President Emmanuel Macron, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of Finance and Economy of France is set to visit Ethiopia next Monday, The Reporter has learnt. His visit is said to cement and follow-up on President Macron’s visit.

According to a statement from the French embassy in Addis Ababa, upon his visit, Bruno Le Maire will meet with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (PhD) and Ahmed Shide, Minister of Finance.

“He will visit Ethiopian Aviation Group, and it’s Flight Academy which was financed with AFD (French Development Agency) funds,” reads the statement.

It can be recalled that back in March, both countries have signed an agreement where France said it will help Ethiopia build its own navy. This agreement was said to be the first military cooperation between the two. The agreement also includes for air cooperation, joint operations and opportunities for training and equipment purchases.  

“This unprecedented defense cooperation agreement provides a framework and notably opens the way for France to assist in establishing an Ethiopian naval component,” Macron said back in March.

Back then, Macron and Abiy also signed a deal whereby France pledged to restore and develop the Lalibela Rock Hewn Churches. In addition, the two have signed a deal where France said it will provide EUR 100 million to help the country’s economic transition.

Furthermore, the two have also signed deals to develop Ethiopia’s cultural heritage, including preserving churches and opening an archaeological dig at a 12th-century village.

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