Sunday, May 26, 2024
Speak Your MindFirst try it on your own!

First try it on your own!

I heard that there are people who make a business opportunity out of the laziness of students. Maybe you have also heard of these guys. What they do is to basically charge people money for doing their school assignments such as the writing of their college thesis. I wonder how many people received their degrees this way.

I myself have received numerous requests from people to do their school assignments or their college thesis. I find that request pretty strange. Are these people going to claim that they earned their degrees after having others do their homework and thesis for them? They might as well buy their degrees in the market as is the case with people who don’t want to bother spending even few years on education. Some people claim that they do not have enough time to do their school assignments as they need to work during the day. But in the weekends, you do not see them consecrating their times for their school responsibilities. Yet others claim that they do not know how to do their assignments or how to write their thesis. But how can they learn if they do not want to try to learn?

Whenever I am given an assignment at school or at work that I have never done before, fear of failing at it is the first feeling that comes to me. I believe that that is natural and I am sure many of you out there might have felt the same way. And then I tell myself that there is a first time for everything. The people who are expert in something were never born with the expertise. Even those that were naturally endowed had to work further to exploit their endowments. We might feel though that some things are simply reserved for people who are expert in it and we do not dare try those things. And besides, how will I know I am not capable of something unless I have given it my all and tried it? The one thing that I have learned is that you will never know what you are capable of unless you have put yourself to the test by taking that first little step. That first little step is the most intimidating. But once you have taken that step, you do not look back but rather forward to the next step that is to come. And then you realize that that first step was not so difficult after all. 

Not only will you miss the opportunity to learn things on your own by asking help all the time, it is also not a nice thing to ask people help all the time. There is something undermining about it. And when your request for help is declined, it is even more undermining. And then you would wish you never asked for help. There is this one quote by Einstein that I really like and which I have probably also mentioned in my previous articles. The quote goes like ‘I am thankful for all of those who said no to me. It’s because of them I’m doing it myself’. I think we should have more people saying no to us on things that we can really do on our own. Only that way we will be able to learn and master at what we do. And that is the only way we learn to fail, learn from our failure and learn to bounce back as a much wiser and stronger person. So, whenever you are tempted to ask help someone on something you need to do whatever that thing is, first try it on your own and see if you can do it yourself! You will then be thankful that you never asked for help.

Contributed by Tsion Taye

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