Sunday, August 14, 2022
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    Speak Your MindJust do your part!

    Just do your part!


    People worry all the time about the things they have control over as much as the things that they do not have control over. The irony is that worrying in both cases is useless. Why would one worry about the things they do not have control over? With or without worry, if the thing worried about is meant to happen, it will happen. The wiser approach would be to be ready and plan for the situation in which the thing that was worried about happens to turn out for the worst. Worrying about something we have at least a control over is also useless simply because we have the opportunity to do something about it, if we are willing to.

    I used to worry about the load of the work that I had to do as a student before a set deadline, about the difficulty of understanding and doing a task that is assigned to me as a student or an employee, about whether I will be able to get a job after graduation, about whether I will be able to find the right life partner, and the list goes on. Many of you have probably been in the same situation as mine. But through time, what I realized is that, the only thing I can do to influence my situation is to simply do my part. For instance, when I have loads of work before me that needs to be completed before a certain deadline, I set out a detailed plan that breaks down the load of work into smaller activities that are easy to achieve within a short period of time. I then give my all to respect the plan that I set for myself. If I manage to meet the deadline, then that’s great. And if I don’t, I will not frustrate because I know I have done everything in my power to meet the set deadline. And more likely, if I have surpassed the deadline, it will be by a very small margin.

    It’s the same thing with finding a job. I understand people can worry about the idea of being jobless or underpaid. But the good news is that they can do something about it. Personally, what I learned to do nowadays is to send as many informal emails to any potential employers I come across and scan as many potential jobs as I manage to find in advertisements and send as many job applications accordingly. Once I know deep down that I have done my part, I get this sense of calm and feeling of peace telling me that the rest is really not up to me because I know I have done my share. That’s where I stop to worry. And fortunately enough, say from the ten to fifteen applications I manage to send, it is very likely that I get an interview at least from one or two employers. So, doing your part not only gives you this feeling of peace after you have exhausted everything that is in your power but also highly increases the chance of you succeeding.

    The truth is, you never really know what the outcomes of your efforts will be before you have tried anything or before you have tried hard enough. You might guess or have expectations of course, but that doesn’t mean that the real outcomes will prove your guess or expectations. Only after you have done your part will you be able to see the real outcomes! I believe that the only thing time people should worry is when they have not done their part. 

    Just do your part!


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