Wednesday, August 17, 2022
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    PoliticsProsecutors continue to level formal charges against corruption suspects

    Prosecutors continue to level formal charges against corruption suspects


    The prosecutors of the Office of the Attorney General instituted formal corruption charges against Zayad Woldegebriel et al for damages amounting to 940 million-birr allegedly embezzled from different road projects commissioned by the Ethiopian Road Authority (ERA). The charges were filed today at the Federal High Court, Lideta Division Criminal Bench. However, the prosecutors did not present their charges on Bekele Balcha, Samson Wondimu and Yeneneh Assefa requiring additional seven days to complete their investigation, specifically in connection to money laundry charges since the suspects were found in possession of financial resources well beyond their means as government employee.

    In related news, the prosecutors also filed charges on Fleke Zenebe et al for damages of more than 57 million birr and Abebe Tesfaye et al for damages amounting to 4.2 million birr; both suspects were alleged to have committed the crime while working at the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation.

    Kolonel Ephrem Bange and Tijan Abagojam, suspect from Omo Kuraz Five sugar project and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Cooperation, respectively, were also released after prosecutors make a deal with both individuals, which will see them appear before court as witnesses for the prosecutors.

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