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PoliticsAmhara requests Federal interventionto control violence in Gondor

Amhara requests Federal interventionto control violence in Gondor

Rocked by weeks of violence,and loss of life of dozens of civilians and regional security officers, the Amhara Regional State has asked for the intervention of the federal security forces including the army to solve the security problems’ plaguing the region, The Reporter has learnt.

According to a statement issued by the region’s Security Council, the region has requested the federal government to intervene and solve the current security problems in the region, passing an 11-point resolution after its meeting.  

In this regard, “A decision has been made, where the federal security force will take every legal measure to bring peace and stability within the region,” reads the statement from the council.

The force will be active in the region particularly in Central and West Gondar,Gondar city, as well as in the Qimant administrative areas. In this regard, the security force has been given the mandated to take, “Any forceful and proportional measures,” against any forces operating in the aforementioned areas.

The Council also requested for any individual or group to cooperate with law enforcement in terms of exposing criminals. “And anyone who will try to disrupt this process, legal measures will be taken.” Furthermore, the Council has for biddenany armed groups or individuals from operating in those areas.

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It can be recalled that,in the past few weeks, dozens of civilians and security officers were killed following a clash in Central Gondar.

“There were lives lost and properties damaged,” AgegnehuTeshager, head of the region’s security, told Amhara Mass Media, weeks before.

The clash and instability in Central Gondar as well as in Gondar city are still far from over. The clash is attributed to issues regarding a quest for self-administration by the Qimant community under Amhara Regional State.In this regard, the Council has said that the Qimant administrative area will be established as soon as possible.

The region, over the past few weeks,has seen a series of clashes and protests. And just a week ago, the region’s capital city, Bahir Dar, saw mass-protests, where police had to use teargas to disperse protestors.

At the time of the protest, the protestors demanded that the regional government releases some former officials of the regional administration who are in prison suspected of involvement in the June 22 killings of the president of the region, AmbachewMekonne (PhD) and his two comrades.

The protestors demanded for their release and accused the government, “of hiding the truth behind the June 22’s killings.” It can be recalled that the killings were instigated after a failed coup attempt was orchestrated by Asamnew Tsige (Brigadier Gen.), the then head of the region’s security.

Days after these protests, among the suspects, the court has granted bail rights to three high profile suspects in relation to the June 22 killings.

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