Friday, August 19, 2022
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    SocietyDrought-displaced people in Somali yet to be rehabilitated, report said  

    Drought-displaced people in Somali yet to be rehabilitated, report said  


    A new report from the Internal Displacement Monitoring Center, released this week, has found out that pastoralist communities in Somali region, affected by drought which occurred from 2015–2017, are still living in camps.

    The report which is based on hundreds of interviews and qualitative methodologies also disclosed that close to “56,000 households affected by the then drought are still displaced in the Somali region.” Moreover, another 36,000 people in Somali region were also displaced because of the drought between January and June 2019.

    “Pastoralists displaced during and in the aftermath of the drought live in peri-urban camps for IDPs, over a protracted period and in the midst of a neglected crisis. They are highly dependent on humanitarian aid that has gradually shrunk in the region over the last couple of years as inter-communal conflicts have taken priority.”

    It can be recalled that Ethiopia was ranked the top country globally, with the largest number of displaced people that have occurred due to conflicts and drought.

    According to reports released back then, Ethiopia was globally ranked atop the list of countries with the largest number of conflict induced internal displacements. At the height of the crisis, 2.9 million displacements resulting from conflict were recorded in Ethiopia, reports from the center indicated.

    Since then, the Government of Ethiopia (GoE) has indicated that the majority of the displaced people have been returned to their homes and rehabilitation measures were undertaken.  

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