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PoliticsThree opposition parties sign MoU

Three opposition parties sign MoU

Three opposition political parties, namely the Ethiopian Democratic Party (EDP), Ethiopian National Movement (ENM) and Hibir Ethiopia Democratic Party (Hibir), concerned about the survival of the nation, have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) agreeing to collaborate and work together over the agenda of saving the survival of the nation.

Concerning the aim of the agreement to work together, the leaders of the party stated: “Currently, there is a movement by the forces of con-federalists which pose a clear threat on the survival of the country and it is a must to form a genuine federalist camp which in turn would fight the threat posed by these groups.”

In a press conference held on Tuesday, December 31, 2019, the leaders of the three parties stated they are very concerned about the current political tension across the country and the differences in the ruling party, which pushes the country to the verge of disintegration. In this regard, they revealed that they are to work together before it is too late over the issues, irrespective of their political strategy and policy differences.

However, the leaders were asked how they will achieve their goal of salvation of the country before they settle their differences in policy and strategy? In this regard, the leaders uniformly responded to the question and said “as a political party we need a stable country that is accommodative for all of us to do politics. Therefore, our major goal for now is to ensure that the country is not falling apart. In this case, difference in strategy and policy comes second, what should get the priority is the survival of the country. Hence, we are focusing on that.”

Similarly, the veteran politician and member of the national council of EDP, Lidetu Ayalew reaffirmed, the differences in strategy and policy should not hold back political parties to work together to save the survival of the nation. Moreover, he emphasized “let alone the three of us, if we really look at the current political programs, strategies and policies of the parties in the opposition camp, it is hard to find a huge difference. Therefore, our decision to work together to save the country emanates from such analysis and our door is open for other parties with the same concerns.”

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The leaders of the three parties also said that even though the three parties took the initiative and signed a MoU to work together, they are planning to strengthen and broaden their ideas on other political parties with the same concern and hope that many others will join them to work together through time.

Regarding the upcoming the general election in the country, the three parties stated that since the current circumstance of the country does not allow political parties to campaign and do other political activities; they demanded the postponement of the election. However, if the election takes place the parties revealed that they have started their negotiations to compete under a single manifesto and become one major competitor.

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