Friday, August 19, 2022
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    BusinessParadise Lodge sets foot in Kenya

    Paradise Lodge sets foot in Kenya


    Omotic General Trading Plc., the owner of Paradise Lodge in Arba Minch and in Turmi, is set to open yet another of its signature lodge in Maasi Mara, Kenya after acquiring a land from its local government.

    According to Eyassu Wossen, the CEO of the company, the lodge is to have 60 rooms, and will be constructed and inaugurated within four months.

    The company has also partnered with TV-Chef, Yohanis Gebreyesus this week, to help modernize its kitchen services at its popular lodge Arba Minch, which the company hopes will introduce new standards to and integrate local ingredients in the process.

    “Our partnership with Chef Yohanis is something of a mutual benefit that will not only save us from spending scarce Forex to import many of our products, but help us introduce local ingredients of quality products produced inside our own farms,” Eyassu said.

    Chef Yohanis is adamant the partnership will produce positive results for its local and international customers.

    “The partnership with Omotic is to redefine Ethiopian hospitality in Arba Minch and Southern areas by considering indigenous culinary and cultural asset and integrating them to Omotic resorts,” Chef Yohanis told The Reporter. “The ultimate aim is to have tourists explore Ethiopian tastes and colors, promote menu diversity, better quality (through ingredients collected at their height of taste concentration) and reduce costs related to imported ingredients.”

    The company has an array of enterprises under its Omotic banner including: an organic banana farm, cattle fattening enterprise, a tour operation, an import/export company, steel manufacturing and engineering company and produces coffee under its  brand ‘Habesha Coffee.’

    “We have been allocated an ample land (in Kenya) and we are convinced we will start and complete the construction on time and operate the business this coming summer. It will be of quality standard and will complement what others have come to expect from us and something that will fulfill our carefully planned expansion plan,” said Eyassu.

    This comes as the company is also eyeing to open yet another lodge in Kampala, Uganda, a conversation started with the Ugandan tourism officials, after the visit of President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni at Arba Minch based Paradise Lodge, found inside a 56,000 sqm of land that was first opened in 2006.

    “Through this partnership, we are aiming to develop gastronomic tourism and shape the lodge in Arba Minch, so its attractions become a tourist’s destination and not just a transit point to the south,” Chef Yohanis concluded.

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