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Qatar Fund grants USD 18 mln for Kidney Treatment Center

Qatar Fund for Development (QFFD) has granted USD 18 million for the construction of a Kidney Treatment Center in Addis Ababa.

The grant agreement was signed on Wednesday between the Ministry of Finance and QFFD for the amount of USD 18 million in the presence of Admasu Nebebe, Ethiopia’s State Minister of Finance and Khalifa Bin Jassim Al Kuwari, the Director-General of Qatar Fund.

The fund will be used for the construction and furnishing of a Specialized Kidney Care Center in Addis Ababa, which will provide services to patients with conditions that may lead to kidney failure and those with kidney failure.

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The Hospital will have a 6-floor building with a total built-up area of 6337 sq. meter. It will have seventy-seven inpatient beds, one ICU with eight beds capacity, four operating rooms, ten outpatient consultation rooms, and six

Hemodialysis stations with a total capacity of one hundred six dialysis chairs/beds.

When completed, the Specialized Hospital will substantially alleviate the shortage of dialysis service. (The Ethiopian Herald)

Mystery illness kills Ethiopian pastoralists

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More than 2,000 pastoralists in Ethiopia’s Somali region have died since 2014 after falling ill from a mysterious disease that caused bleeding from their mouths and noses.

Other reported symptoms include swollen limbs and green or yellow eyes.

The affected people roam with their cattle around the Ogaden Basin region, which is being explored by companies looking for oil and natural gas.  

Reports of the mysterious illness and deaths have drawn Western reporters and researchers from rights groups to investigate.

Residents of Calub, Ethiopia, have accused a Chinese project that includes construction of a pipeline from Ogaden to Djibouti of destroying the environment where their animals are grazing.

Chinese firm Poly-GCL has been prospecting for natural oil and gas in Ogaden since 2014. It is expected to start commercial gas production soon. The Ethiopian government has signed a deal with the Chinese company that gives it 50% of any income from oil or gas exploration. 

The pipeline will enable Ethiopia to export natural gas. (VOA)

Presidents Sahle-work, Kagame hold talks

President Sahle-work Zewdie, who arrived in the Rwandan capital Kigali, on Monday held discussion with President Paul Kagame on wide range of bilateral issues. 

The visit is part of the Government of Ethiopia to elucidate its position on Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) to Africa, particularly Nile Basin countries.

It is to be recalled that the government has sent high-level delegations across Europe and Africa to sustain and create clear insightful on the Renaissance Dam negotiations.

As part of the move, President Sahlework led Ethiopia’s delegation to Kenya Rwanda and now to Rwanda to expound the negotiations on GERD among Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.

Both Kenyan and Uganda leaders reiterated the importance of ensuring the equitable and sustainable use of the Nile River waters.

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Likewise, a high-level delegation led by former president Mulatu Teshome, has concluded same mission to deliver message of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to the leadership of the European Union Council and Commission as well as to French president Emmanuel Macron. (ENA)

Abiy commends health professionals for fight against COVID-19

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed commended yesterday Ethiopian medical personnel for bravely standing in the forefront in the fight against Coronavirus.

The PM appreciated health professionals for their relentless effort to fight the spread of COVID-19, which has now become a very pressing issue and a global pandemic.

PM Abiy recalled the contribution of “our hero health workers who risked their lives and even gave their lives in many war-fronts and battle fields by standing alongside our defense forces to save Ethiopians.”

He cited the role Ethiopian health professionals played during the Ebola epidemic when more than 150 volunteers were deployed in the Democratic Republic Congo. Abiy thanked the health workers for serving their African brothers.

The PM pledged that “the government will coordinate all forces and firmly stand with you till we pass this challenge victoriously.”   

Abiy wrote on his Facebook that his government has started activities to identify economic areas that could be affected by the epidemic and do its level best to address the problems. (ENA)

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