Sunday, May 26, 2024

Pressure on the gig economy

As the social and financial consequences of the Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) hits home, it is no secret the capital’s most vulnerable are feeling the pain more than others. Most institutions have suspended, at least slowed operations, laying off staff, with little social safety nets. Ethiopia’s young are facing dead-end opportunities with uncertain future made worse by the virus. Here, these image shows the changing landscape of the capital that is worried and uncertain. Some areas that used to be the busiest have turned into an almost ghost towns with little movement. Most roads remain abandoned, interstate roads closed for public transportation and many people remain at a crossroad barely affording to survive, wearing masks and distancing themselves from a foreign virus that is set to come and devastate a population that has yet to grasp the reality that is fast becoming its norm.  Picture above is a bus terminal located around lam beret area, Addis Ababa, with a group of youngsters who used to be gainfully employed in the transportation sector seen languishing under a broad daylight.

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