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Ethiopia inks power purchase, implementation agreement with two projects

The Tulu Moye and Corbetti geothermal projects signed new power purchase and implementation agreements with Ethiopia, worth a total of USD 1.2 billion of investment from both companies to generate 300 megawatts of electricity in Ethiopia using geothermal energy.

The two private-sector power companies came together with representatives from Ethiopia Electric Power and the Government of Ethiopia Wednesday, represented by the Minister of Finance and the Minister of Water, Irrigation and Electricity to execute these agreements, marking a major step in the commitment of the Ethiopian government towards privately developed and financed power generation projects.

According to a statement issued by USAID Ethiopia, the ministers will present project documents with the Council of Ministers for their final approval next month.

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Power Africa, a U.S. Government initiative, has been assisting the Government of Ethiopia and Ethiopia Electric Power since the start of the negotiation in 2013, providing continued legal, technical, project finance and capacity-building support to bring negotiations to a successful outcome. (FBC)

MoTI mobilizing to address shortages of sanitizer, masks

Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) said on Monday that it is working on ensuring sufficient sanitizer and mask supply in a bid to support the national effort in averting the spread of coronavirus disease.

The ministry has supported some 39 industries to get 2.5 million liter technical alcohol from the Ethiopian Sugar Corporation as an input to produce sanitizer. Some industries like Sansheng and Epharm have already started production. The governments also ordered the technical alcohol to be exempted of excise tax.

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The Corporation through its sugar factories such as Metehara and Fincha is producing 100,000 liter technical alcohol per day. It is also reserved over three million liter of alcohol so far that can be used as an input for sanitizer production.

Accordingly, some 200,000 liter sanitizer has been produced and distributed over the past weeks.

Therefore, 1.5 million Birr worth sanitizer has been granted for free to prisons, charity organizations and industry parks among others, according to MoTI State Minister Teka Gebreyesus. (The Ethiopian Herald)

Telecom services restored in Western Oromia

President of the Oromia regional state, Shimelis Abdisa, has announced restoration of telecom services in western zones of the region.

In a press conference issued on Tuesday, Shimelis said the restoration of the services came following completion of the joint works of the federal and regional governments.

A decision has been made to restore the telecom services which were shut down in some zones due to security concern, the Chief Administrator stated.

Peace and stability has been restored in Kelem Wellega, west and east Wellega as well as Horo Guduru Wellega zones, he said.

The Chief Administrator extended his gratitude to the people for the role they had played in restoring peace and stability in the region.

He said the regional state has now moved to finalizing projects that were delayed due to lack of instability in the zones

Last week Shimelis Abdisa and other higher government officials today visited Kelem Wolega Zone and held discussion with residents on the progress of peace and stability in the region. (FBC)

Korean companies, NGO donate 40,000 medical masks

The Korean Business Association and a Korean NGO, Good Neighbors, on April 3, distributed a total of 40,000 medical masks to the Ethiopian federal government including the Office of the Prime Minister, Ethiopian Airports, the Addis Ababa City Administration and Regional governments. That will help in fighting against COVID-19 in Ethiopia.

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In addition, Supporter’s Association for Korean War Veterans will donate masks to 138 elderly Korean War veterans and their families.

Taking this donation as a momentum, the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Ethiopia has mentioned that Korea appreciates the partnership which Ethiopia showed as the only country in Africa that dispatched a ground troop to the Korean War.

The Embassy is also planning to provide Ethiopia with customized assistances including the provision of testing kits and quarantine equipment. It will also exert its utmost effort to strengthen its solidarity with Ethiopia in order to overcome this crisis with the whole Korean community including government, private and non-governmental entities in Ethiopia. (Press Release)

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